Sterling 925 Silver Earrings Fashion Trends in Year 2021

Every year, fashion changes either by new look or by revamping the old one to new one. Fashion designers from all over the globe keep reinventing consistently and bring 925 jewellery in new and exciting ways. So here is the question that what makes the 925 silver best for fashion? The answer is quite simple: 925 silver is most pure silver which one can get in market at very reasonable cost.

Talented designers and artists redesign and reinvent sterling silver jewellery constantly. This reinvention evolves as the tastes of the women who wear the jewellery also evolve and want something new. Whether the accessory is a ring, necklace, earring, or bracelet, sterling silver is never out of fashion.

If you notice a beautiful woman then you will find one thing common that all women wear earrings. Any other piece of jewellery, you won’t find on every women but the earrings. Creative designer keep reinventing the new designs of silver earrings and other jewellery as well. You can shop pure silver earrings online and get something for yourself as well.

925 Silver is the New Gold Now!!

Now, let’s have look at the trend of silver earrings for women in the Year 2021.

Traditional Earrings for Girls

Traditional look of earrings has always been charming and they keep hitting the market again and again with new design changes. In the year of 2021, the traditional earrings will be on the top of trend again. Because they fulfill the many occasions’ need such as in marriage functions, engagement functions, office parties and many more functions.

Here are few earrings you can check out:

  • Lady Luck Multicolour Earrings:

    It’s beautifully designed earring and made from 925 silver with gold plating. You can also explore multi color earring online at Mohmaya Jewels.

jaipur traditional jewellery
Lady Luck Multicolour Earrings
Price: 5,500.00 INR and Selling Price Now: 4,950.00 INR
  • True Blue Women’s Earrings:

    A wonderfully crafted earring made of 925 silver with blue and white stones. To give it a modern look, gold plating was done.

traditional earrings for women
True Blue Women’s Earrings
Price: 5,400.00 INR and Selling Price Now: 4,860.00 INR
  • Starry Eyed Multicolour Danglers:

    This is an amazing piece of earring given art of a star with gold plating. Its art make it an ethnic design and gold plating makes modern earrings.

multi color earrings online
Starry Eyed Multicolour Danglers
Price: 5,400.00 INR and Selling Price Now: 4,860.00 INR

Lightweight Silver Earrings

Till 2010, heavy jewellery was a kind of trend in fashion but now in 2021 things and fashion has changed a lot. Now people are fond of lightweight long earrings because they are trendy and don’t hurt. You can explore Jaipur silver earrings here on Mohmaya Jewels.

Checkout the few lightweight long earrings below:

  • Chandelier Pink Earrings:

    It is very beautiful long earring designed by expert and made of 925 silver with gold plating. It’s designed in multicolour to give a modern look.

lightweight silver earrings
Chandelier Pink Earrings
Price: 6,400.00 INR and Selling Price Now: 5,760.00 INR
  • Reign of Red Danglers:

    Red colour is one of most beautiful colours and it makes a great combination with gold. This is one of the best looking pure silver earrings online.

gold plated earrings online
Reign Of Red Danglers
Price: 5,200.00 INR and Selling Price Now: 4,680.00 INR
  • Soulful Pink & Green Danglers:

    This is the one of the most popular earrings in combination of green and pink colour. This set of earrings enhances your beauty obviously.

lightweight long earrings
Soulful Pink & Green Danglers
Price: 6,000.00 INR and Selling Price Now: 5,400.00 INR

So what are you waiting for? Explore the collection and shop the best earrings for you.